Max den Hollander

After his studies at Wageningen University, Max started working as a manager of wholesale companies in England and the Netherlands. His last function was that of Operations Director of a group of wholesalers active in the AGF branch.
In 2020 Max founded Plant Power Products with three goals:

  1. To increase awareness of the possibilities of chitosan hydrochloride in agriculture and horticulture;
  2. To increase knowledge of the effectiveness of Hamerol by means of practical trials and demo fields;
  3. Putting the product Hamerol professionally on the market.
    Because interest in Hamerol increased rapidly, reinforcement was soon needed. That is why, in the spring of 2021, Lars Timmermans joined Plant Power Products as a partner.
    Mobile: +31 6 5768 4652

Lars Timmermans

Lars joined as a partner in 2021 to promote Hamerol in the DACH countries.
He studied agricultural business administration at the HAS in Dronten and received his doctorate in business administration from Radboud University.
Lars has been internationally active in the agricultural media world for almost 20 years. For over 12 years he worked for DLV (Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag) and Reed Business Information. After 12 years outside the agricultural sector he is back at home and ready to work on the introduction of Hamerol in the German speaking countries.
Mobile: +49 173 576 8581