At Plant Power Products, we place great importance on research. For 25 years, we have been monitoring global research into chitin and chitosan hydrochloride in the agricultural sector. We also research the effect of Hamerol as much as possible in practice. We do this by setting up demo fields at arable farmers’ premises, but also by carrying out scientifically substantiated practical trials.
Chitosan hydrochoride is a natural product that gives different results under different conditions. The synthetic substances in chemical crop protection agents are generally more stable in terms of efficacy. The added value lies precisely in the combination of chemical crop protection agents with Hamerol, in order to use the best of both. Because Hamerol can fill some of the gaps in spraying schedules (caused by chemical agents losing their authorisation), it can contribute to resistance management. Moreover, in some cases it is possible to replace part of the chemistry by Hamerol. Also in crops under the PlanetProof label, the use of certain agents sometimes results in penalty points. If it is possible to replace these agents (partly) by Hamerol, a bonus point can be earned.
In the cultivation of vegetables, the use of Hamerol results in a considerable reduction in residues.