Hamerol contains the active substance chitosan hydrochloride, which is registered as a plant enhancer in the EU and approved by the Ctgb in the Netherlands.

This means that Hamerol can be used immediately to make the plant more resistant to harmful organisms, such as pathogenic fungi and nematodes, both above and below ground. The use of Hamerol therefore contributes to a more vital and resilient crop.

Benefits of Hamerol

  • Increases resistance to underground and above-ground fungal attacks;
  • Increases the soil’s resilience against harmful organisms;
  • Strengthens the effectiveness of chemical crop protection products;
  • Provides a better developed root system;
  • Stimulates the formation of mycorrhizal connections;
  • Increases leaf green content;
  • Increases resilience to drought;
  • No waiting time before use;
  • No residue in final product;
  • Allowed in conventional, organic and PlanetProof cultivation.


Hamerol is available in 10L cans. A pallet contains 60 cans. Hamerol is also available in an IBC of 600L and 1000L.

Results and application per crop

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