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The foundation of Plant Power Products BV was laid more than 30 years ago by Wiebe Postma. He came into contact with shrimp peeling company Heiploeg. This company was busy valuing the residual flows from the shrimp peeling plant.

The chitin that can be extracted from shrimp shells can be converted into chitosan through a chemical and enzymatic process. Chitosan was already used in the biomedical world in the 1990s because it had an antimicrobial and antifungal effect.

Application of Chitosan

Wiebe was asked to investigate whether this effectiveness could also be demonstrated in arable crops. Wiebe, who himself had a background as an arable farmer, started his first experiments in seed potatoes. The results were amazing! Fewer diseases and higher yields were the result.

As the effect of chitosan in potato cultivation soon became known, and Wiebe received requests from arable farmers to supply this product, he coined the brand name Hamerol.

The solubility of the product was still a problem. That is why Wiebe decided not to actively sell the product from the early 2000s and to actively search for a solution to make the product easily soluble. This has been successful, so that an easily applicable product has now been developed that has been further developed.

A few years ago, Wiebe recognised that the market was now ready for the large-scale application of Hamerol. Wiebe is now over 80 years old and, in order to ensure continuity, decided a number of years ago to transfer the professional marketing of Hamerol to the current owners of Plant Power Products.

Wiebes’s heart and soul is in Hamerol. That is why he remains involved in Plant Power Products in the background and is always ready to provide advice when needed with his vast practical experience.

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